MAKE Projects

On Saturday the 7th July MAKE took part in an event at the Malvern Cube funded by Malvern town council. A group of artists and many members of the public worked with us to create the Flower Bower ,a magical space filled with 600 tissue flowers ,where you could immerse yourself in colour, sound and scent.

In the words of our lovely friend Dilys" some times it takes a village ".

The "Carpet Forest" Project

‘The Carpet Forest’ was a commissioned installation for KAF (Kidderminster Arts Festival) .
The concept of the forest offered the opportunity for artists working in entirely different media to collaborate to create a bespoke environment that captured the essence of some of Worcestershire's most important heritage in an accessible and innovative way, sparking curiosity in new audiences.

Due to its success at KAF it went on to be shown as part of art festivals in both Bristol and Malvern Worcestershire .
The Carpet Forest was explored by thousands of people before it was finally recycled.

Kate & Jo DeBurgh Designers and Creators
Loz Samuels creative producer
Andrew Edwards  Sound track
Heather Wastie Stories
Babis Alexiadis Film maker
Scott Johnston film maker
Dragon Leisure Lighting and sound