MAKE History

After a long search to find the space they needed to expand on their creative projects Kate and Jo started chatting with Richard, a local business man about the possibility of using what used to be the local fruit and veg shop as a new creative venue.

With Richards support and many hours of hard work they have transformed the old shop into a new working studio for themselves and a great space where they now run art workshops and projects.

Kate and Jo hope that MAKE will become a home for a creatively curious community, a space in which they and others can explore their creativity and spark their imagination.

Meet the sisters

It comes so naturally to work together because of our own closeness and joint understanding of our histories that as sisters we find our thoughts and ideas more often than not traveling the same road towards the same destination. We have a joint fascination with the beauty found in undervalued items and materials, things past their sell by date. We have a love of old, used and hand made things that have been handed on in the hopes they will be reinvented loved, used and handed on again .

I have always loved vintage materials and old decorative china and whilst at Hereford College of Art used both in designing a range of ceramics commissioned by LIBERTYS.
I am very much a believer in the make do and mend idea and the re-use of materials is echoed in our art workshops, we love the idea of using scrap to create something beautiful, meaningful and durable.


My work combines the use of natural materials and found objects and is inspired by all things weird and wonderful.I am a collector and maker of things, unable to settle for one creative direction I explore many, I am defiantly a pick and mix girl. For me MAKE is a studio space in which to take ideas further. My work reflects my interest in the handmade, inter-mate skills of the past, many of which we now see making a comeback. I enjoy taking a simple material labeled as throwaway such as cotton, paper, wire, plastic and using it to create something unique and beautiful.

Positive side effects of creativity

Life gets busy and we sometimes find our creative selves pushed aside, forgetting why we create and what value it provides in our lives. We become observers rather than producers of creativity. Being creative gives us opportunities to try out new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem solving.

Creative activities help us acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness and diversity. Decide to reap some of the positive benefits of creativity today, you’ll be healthier, happier, and enriched.