Private Party Packages

We have a range of private workshop party packages on offer which can be booked for small groups, family, friends etc. Usually between 6 to 10 people depending on party package chosen. All run for your pleasure in the capable hands of Kate and Jo artist in residence.

Book a party, bring your friends, get creative, come away with something personal and unique . Put aside some time for you and your friends and nourish your creativity. New party packages developing all the time so watch this space.

Mosaic hearts workshop malvern worcestershire

Mosaic Hearts Party

Just because your favourite vintage plate or ornament is chipped or cracked don’t throw it out, come and make something truly unique on this Mosaic workshop for beginners.

Min 6, Max 8 People, 4 Hours, Details here

Giant Summer Blooms

Learn how to make 'Giant summer blooms' from delicate coloured tissue. Perfect for weddings, parties or just to have at home. Create your own unique beautiful wreath.

Min of 6 Max of 10 people, 3 Hours,  Details here

Vintage Ribbon Rosettes

As a brooch, for your hair or to adorn your hand bag this versatile ribbon rosette workshop will spark your creativity.

Min of 6 Max of 10,  3 Hours
Details here

handmade journal


Min of 6 Max of 10,  3 Hours
Details here

Mexican Tin Shrines

Min of 6 Max of 10,  3 Hours
Details here